Forex Trading: Currency Trading Tutorials And Tips


Trading forex requires a clear understanding of how forex works.

It is important to know how a forex trade works.

See these forex tutorials to understand what you need to know about forex trading.

You will also look at money management.

Trading forex requires a forex broker and demo accounts which allows you to use their platform with full functionality before opening an account.

Many brokers are now offering small spreads and also in some cases, fixed spread and some guarantee no slippage.

Lok at factors such as leverage, and ability to scale, as well a directional trades both long and short, in that forex trends both up and down.

See these tutorials on forex systems and strategies.

See this article on looking at forex charts. There are 5 specific common mistakes that can catch many traders when it comes to reading currency charts, so learn to avoid these mistakes now.

Then for automated or passive systems, there are these 3 areas to consider:

Plus, check out the are on forex resources & tools, which include lists of forex weekly economic calendars available, to tell when the major announcements are.

There are also forex books, as well as a list of forex forums that have decent activity.

So learn all about the mechanics as well as the systems and brokers involved in forex trading, and much about this trading instrument.


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